>Hello friends
>New F3B-Speed World Record!
>Yesterday, Martin Weberschock (GER) flew a fabulous new world record
>of 12.93 sec. with his 'Radical' at the Eurotour Competition in
>The glider-airfield at H=FClben, which is situated closely to
>Hahnenweid (well known from F3B-WC 2003) lies at an altitude of 750
>There was a low dry wind from east, the temperature was about 15=B0C
>and a wide thermal stood above the parcours which allowed Martin to
>gain in a few circles and in 37 sec. a further 30m which contributed
>to a total height of about 320-330m.
>Shortly before, Martin Herrig also flew an excellent 13.7 sec with
>his Radical glider.
>The second Eurotour competition was dominated by German pilots
>finishing first M. Herrig, second A.Herrig and third M. Weberschock.
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