Drawing by Jorge Infante, Portugal

These pages will be dedicated to the story of the World Championships in the Radio Control category F3B (Radio Controlled Sailplanes)
all written material is by Espen Torp unless stated by contributors name. All of this is written as I recalled how it happened and is therefore not necessary correct. If you discover mistakes or would like to add names to pictures or even contribute with pictures or text I would be happy. Hopefully results and other important stuff, that will be shown here is correctly stated.

I need some of the official stickers or at least a scan of them, please help me with these so it will be correct.

I am doing this as my contribution to the F3B sport. I am not a professional in Web design so please bare with me.
I hope to get contributors and stories from others to complete this task. I will also take one WC at the time so the pages will not be complete for a while.
I will also add an "up to date" section so it could be interesting to check this link from time to time.

A little bit about who I am:
My name is Espen Torp and I live in Norway. I have been doing F3B since about 1985. I entered my first WC in Germany in 1987, I came on the team as a substitute and finished way down the list I think it was number 62 or something. Anyway this really set fire to my F3B career. I learnt more in two weeks than in 5 years of flying home. Remember Norway is not exactly in the middle of the world so if you don't travel you want be able to learn much in a short time.
My next WC was a lot better, thankfully had someone made new rules for the winches and that really helped little Norway along. Also I got to know Jaro Muller at the last Championship so I had an AVANT for this WC held in France. 17th overall and with wins in the speed task made me a little bit proud of myself.
Then the WC got me to Holland in 1991. Nice place nice Championship but a step backwards for me personally.
In 1993 Israel was hosting the Championship and I think this was the smallest to date in the number of competitors.
Romania hosted the WC in 1995, not my best competition this but still I wanted to proceed with F3B. Since France I now had 3 average WC's but as always I want to do better next time I'll get my chance.
In Turkey I got my reward by setting a new World record in task C Speed. 14.24 seconds. I already said it then that this was a once in lifetime speed for me and so far I have brrn  right. But mind you I had at least one speed under 15 seconds that year so it was not only luck. A step forward in the total results was also memorable for me.
Next WC was then held in South Africa again in high altitude like Turkey. That means my speed record from 1997 was about to fall and it did by Daryl Perkins with 14.07 seconds. I got myself another record in task B, Distance with 35 laps.
The Czech Republic held the WC in 2001, for me it was another step back I am afraid. But I will not give up yet. I am pretty sure I'll charge for the team at least one more time.

Maybe I did not mention it but yes I have to qualify also, it is not so difficult as it is in Germany or a lot of other countries but still it needs to be done.

This is me back in 87 when I started my career as a WC- F3B pilot