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Day 4

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Day 3

Forecast is for light winds from the south, with a possibility of slight veering to the west later in the day, so off to East Lomond Hill with all fingers crossed.  The wind at the face was steady between 5 and 5.5 m/s, and Round One got under way shortly after 10.00 am.

A minute's silence was observed on the hillside in memory of the victims of the 9/11 tragedy.

Round one progressed well until approximately 60 fliers had flown, but then the wind swung off course, and the decision was taken to spplit the round at flier 45, move the course, and recommence the second half of round 1 with flier 46.  Round 1 was completed, and round 2 commenced at about 2.45 pm.    This started well but conditions deteriorated, creating a wide swing in the scores from the first fliers to the last.

Fastest time on round 1 was 44.26 seconds by Kevin Newton (Eng), and in round 2 was 47.0 seconds by Helge Borchert (Germany).

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Day 2

Woke to beautiful sunshine and extremely light winds from the north.  Forecast said winds from south.  Everyone set off for East Lomond Hill in short order.  Winds on the face of the hill were southerly as predicted, but less than 1.5 meters per second.  Unfortunately the wind did not improve at all during the day, remaining less than the minimum 3 m/s throughout.  The competition flying was cancelled until tomorrow, and the hill was opened to sports flying.   The pilots took good advantage of this time, enjoying the change to show off their abilities to good effect.  
  hillside gathering  

Evening's entertainment included some foamy play at the campsite.  International co-operation between Norway, USA and Scotland enabled the recovery of the Event Organiser's bi-plane, which landed outside the designated landing area (incurring a zero score!)


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Day 1

lomond aerial view

windmeter celina

Low wind speeds and the first ever lady contestant made this an interesting day.

The conditions meant that only Round 0 was completed. Unfortunately Round 1 had to be abandoned due to the varying conditions, making completion impossible.

Scores for Round 0 will be added shortly.

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