Viking Race F3F 2006
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14/9 14:00 from Espen
Today it is raining so no flying. Yesterday it started with
 8-11m/s picking up to 15 and with heavy crosswind.
Final results:
1 Andreas Herrig, Germany 1 3736.47
2 Martin Herrig, Germany 1 3729.36
3 Kevin Newton, England 1 3699.64
4 Helge Borchert, Germany 2 3628.01
5 John McCurdy, Late comers 3620.49
6 Espen Torp, Norway 1 3580.98
7 Arild Mollerhaug, Norway 1 3558.37
1 England 1
2 Germany 1
3 Austria 2
4 Norway 1
Congratulation to all the winners

13/9 00:36 from Espen
3 Rounds now. 1.M.Herrig, 2.McCurdy, 3.H.Borchert, 4.KevinK, 5.E.Torp, 9.Møllis, 22.G.Njaa, 30.J.Farstad, 35.BT.Hagen, Rolf far back..
Backup of updates official site HERE

12/9 10:49 from Espen
Some results: 1.McCurdy, 2.Bennet, 3.M.Herrig, 10.Espen Torp, 14.A.Møllis, 25.Geir Njaa, 46.Jack Farstad, 61.B.t.Hagen, 72.R.B.Rettedal

Team Norway!

Kyle Paulson tried the Supra in the light conditons

12/9 09:02 from Espen
We flew 2 rounds yesterday. 1st round was ruined by that the CD cancelled with 19 pilots left because of crosswind. Problem was that it was fully flyable in both force and direction. Therefore it became groupscore and flying again for pilots 46 to 91. By this both 1st and 2nd round was ruined since the wind became less out into 2nd round. Interresting to see that start number 1 and 2 is leading. It now rains heavily but it will probably be flying later today. Dont know the results but Møllis did a good 2nd round.
Regards Espen

11/9 23:32
Results are not up yet but they have completed round 1 and Espen did ok. The official website have bandwidth problems (it has had that since they started it on a cheap server). but it is updated with day 1, 2 and some info on day 3. Backup of updates HERE

Update from Espen 10/9 23:45:
Nothing happened today.. NIce weather with free flying. Does not look good for the rest of the week either. But we have a good time. All the Norwegian boys says hi!

Update from Espen 10/9 10:33:
Yesterday we flew zero round + 25 pilots in first round before it was cancelled. Coolest that happened was 4 tornados that blew past while Kevin flew a 45s that was later cancelled. Now we are on the same slope (East Lomond Hill) and waiting for the wind. High pressure here and nice weather.


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