Viking Race F3F - St. Ferriol / Laurac, France

Viking Race:
Concerning next year's Viking Race, preparations have been started and we will soon present the new home page that will be dedicated to this event.

Based on the successful last test with international audience, we can confirm that VKR will be organized with a limit of 90 pilots and we will fly in a similar way as during this years FAI/Eurotour contest. The quantity of pilots per country is actually in preparation and the quota will be established taking the following facts into account:
- size of national RC-model federation
- number of active F3F pilots
- participation and results obtained in previous international contests (VKR, Eurotour or others)
- For sure, all new countries have the possibility to send a team of three pilots
- Last VKRs winners in senior and junior category will have a wildcard
We plan to announce the quota within the next two weeks.
For the inscription, that will certainly start in October and will be closed end of February 2010, each country is kindly asked to provide the results of their qualification process for pilots selection that will be done at the end of the inscription phase (so latest in Feb. 2010) and in case of open positions, pilots from the waiting lists will get the chance to participate. In case of no available qualification process, either recent national championship results will be used or 2009 Contest-Eurotour ranking.
Stay tuned and we will inform once the new home-page is open.
Andreas and his VKR-Team