F3J Arnborg 26-27.feb 2005
Text and pictures copied from Jojo's diary

DAY .. 27. February 2005 - Arnborg Winter F3J
- Lots of stuff to do when I got home. I hope to write more later but I dont know. The day had more wind than yesterday and it was very cold. The conditions were strange. Sometimes you could launch and climb to 3-400m within a few minutes. Then in the next minute sink to ground in just 2 minutes whatever side you flew of the sky. One had to be really lucky. I always flew sideways when I found sink and feel I got to be the best Norwegian because of that (6th place of 28 starting the day). Even though I did not win anything today I did have the longest flight of the weekend (9:52,1 on winch) and won a EPP ZoomZoom from El-flight. But I never got a whole round of good flying... We also had a lot of linebreaks and ended up with brand new 1,4mm Fisher line that just was enough (that's thick for Norwegian conditions). There also went some models in the starts and landings because of the wind. It was a GREAT weekend and my timing equipment worked great (atleast all I asked said that and a lot of the pilots said it to me). It was great fun to start 8 people in almost each group again. Thanks to all pilots and officials for a great weekend. BTW the food was superb and yes we did have some drinks...

Vingen have a report (nor txt) | www.F3J.dk | Photos all weekend HERE
Results Saturday HEREResults Sunday HERE

DAY .. 26. February 2005 - Arnborg Winter F3J
- A new day and a small update from Arnborg winter competition. We have just finished todays competition (a new one tomorrow). 5 rounds were flown and most of the competitors were smiling all the time even though the fact that it was COLD and windy all day. There even came some snow so we stopped for a few minutes before round 5. Aril also went straight thru a Trinitus with his Sting. The Sting did not have a scratch as always (this model have many lives..) but Peter Mikkelsen`s Trinitus had broken fuse and tail. Some people are just plain natural talents or maybe better pilots then we (I) are. Erik Morgan Villadsen borrowed his old X21 by Egil Roland and also the transmitter. He took it all and goes home with the trophy for this years saturday event. All us others have to bring it home tomorrow. Jesper Jensen took 2nd and I took 3rd. I got beaten in the last round by Marc Wiegmann (dammit). Maybe more later on this day offcourse. Right now we have had a superb dinner and have to have some "talking"... Results saturday HERE


DAY .. 25. February 2005 - Arnborg Winter F3J
- Early up (or atleast 09:00) and coffee is made. The field is found at 12:00 in cloudy weather, 3m/s wind and +2 degrees. Just an hour later and the sun shines on us and the thermals are active. Flights are in the 10-20minutes range and sometimes we can get high on the thermals. Erik (again) takes out his Estrella and Jojo fidles with the EVO. Almost finished with the wing he starts on the fuse just to find a servo with strange behavour. Erik packs it down again and takes over Egil`s EVO and X21. It seems that it is not Erik`s weekend... 15-20 pilots were at the field today practicing for tomorrow. Dinner is early for us at a local cafe in Arnborg and batteries are now on charge (17:00).
The laughs are great with the Danish and Germans and the site is great as usual. 5-15cm snow does not bother us and we are looking forward to a great weekend. Since I have been writing about others misshaps I guess I have to mention mine... First I forgot my boots, then I forgot to bring the new model Egil have bought. Then just to top it off I sat on the ferry and Aril reminded me of the trophy I won last year.. Damn I think I have to creep under the pillow soon...!


DAY .. 24. February 2005 - Arnborg Winter F3J
- Evening and we arrived at 23:30. Erik and Egil had arrived earlier in the day and was deep into the bottle after Erik is having a misshap with his radio. The display suddenly went black and nothing is working. Egil pops up his EVO synth and asks what frequency he uses. blip blip and 5 seconds later he is playing with Erik`s Estrella... Erik is amazed and asks for the price. We surf the internet ad find it on the site of EL-fly.dk one of this events sponsors. 4500Dkr and Erik asks if he can draw his card right away... Bed was found (for those that found one...) at 01:00. At 03:00 Aril is still lurking around in his underpants. It is good that he is not flying competition tomorrow :-)

DAY .. 24. February 2005 - Arnborg Winter F3J
Three big Norwegian on their way over the North sea to meet the Europeans in a friendly battle of the skies (that sounded cool didn`t it ?). Anyhow me, Aril and Alf Erik were on a boat from Norway to Denmark. I had picked up Aril on the airport after short drive of 2,5hours while Aril`s flight took the same. Though the distance for Aril was allready the same distance as Oslo to Rome (Tromsø- Oslo). Alf Erik live in Oslo and his car was packed with all the carbon pieces, winches and som sunchairs (very important). 6 hours boat trip and then 2,5 hours driving in Denmark was todays task. The two Norwegians ahead of us were Egil and Erik that reported 10m high waves and awful snowstorm in Denmark. They were kidding a bit on the waves but the snowstorm was expected. But the weatherman has said bright sunshine and 3-5m/s wind all weekend. We will see :-) Reporting for Norway, Jo Grini. Afew boring pivtures. But those that have been there knows they have something to do with flying...

This page will hopefully have daily updates from Arnborg Winter F3J that is held 26-27th february -05
Updates also on www.F3J.dk (Bul.1 / Bul.2 / Bul.3).
Last time, pilots from Denmark, Norway, Germany and Austria attended. Hopefully several pilots from Norway will attend this time also (confirmed 5, Erik, Jo, Aril, Alf Erik and Egil).

Read about last year (2004) HERE

New and nice pulley / turnaround from Denis Truffo in Italy.
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Jojo will go to the NATS in USA next year!! With help from a lot of cool guys he is able to finance the trip. Jojo thanks you a lot. I dont have the complete list but: Nathan Woods, Jim McCarthy, Larry Jolly, Gordy Stahl, Dr. Danny C. Williams, Jim Bacus, John Diniz, Robert Burson, Kennedy Composites, Don Richmond, Rob Glover, Larry Ruble and Horizon Hobby.
Jojo will compete in almost all sailplane classes over there!! F3J, Unlimited, RES (rudder, elevator, spoiler) and 2meter
Link: LSF/NATS site

NATS 2005


Det blir Nordisk F3J i Norge i 2005.
Cirrus RCFK vil stå som arrangør.

Ever seen a f3B-launch from the plane ? Here are a small video well worth the download 
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