Winter F3J in Denmark 4-5.february 2006

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Copied from the winner Jojo's diary:

Hard ground but not hard enough for me.. Most slided 3-4m because the ground was hard. I bounced first!
Nation television Denmark was there on the snowy Sunday. Look HERE for TV movie

A bunch of more pictures uploaded HERE - NEW Report from Rune HERE

DAY .. 5.February 2006 - Winter F3J Denmark - Day 3
- Sunday is second day and a second competition. Two competitions in two days is cool to do and makes it possible for a "second chance". And guess what! My second chance was to win again !-) Today we started in heavy snow but enough visual to fly. The snow ended in round 2 I think and we had good flying weather at -3 celcius. The wind came 90 degrees on the launch line at 0-3m/s and there were very light thermals in the air. A tiny bit of slope over some trees but mostly it was thermals passing thru. The launches were crucial today and mostly I waited 5-6 seconds so I could go out to one side and up against the wind. My launches were (according to the logger) 202-220m but in the last round when Jesper had 3x1000 like me I snapped the 1,35mm line (I flew my Pike Giant all the time). It was probably damaged because there were no or little wind around. But I figured it was a thermal and in the relaunch I headed downwind. It was ok and luckily nobody flew full time in that round. On the way home I even found the core of the thermal. I flew the time out and got my 4th 1000p. Jesper also won his last round so the winner had to be the one with the longest flight. Luckily I was the only one that had full time in one round (yes there were some short rounds today) so I got the trophy. We have no finals in this competition and no throw outs. But all wants to win I can tell you! The other Norwegians placed nice today with Aril at 6th, Rune 7th and Geir missed in the last round and dropped to 16th. A big thanks to the organizers. As always a VERY friendly and nice event with good food all days.
I think there will be full results at 

DAY .. 4.February 2006 - Winter F3J Denmark - Day 2 prize giving
- Yippi!!!! Guess who won!!!! I think there will be full results at 
Pictures were taken by Jan Hansen...
I have uploaded "uncritical" a bunch of pictures HERE (we have wlan at the youth hostel here in Aabenraa)

DAY .. 4.February 2006 - Winter F3J Denmark - Day 2
- Cold but lots of fun off course. We started with 5,4m/s (according to Otto) and -3 celcius. But the wind died and we had a lot of small thermals that some of us found. I should be happy with the day and had launches of 255-260m though one was at 275m (150m to turnaround). I used my Pike Giant all the day and was happy with it (off course). 24 pilots was in action and I must say there are some serious competition down here. The Danish guys knows how to fly in the wind but the Germans are almost too much for us. We might send them home for tomorrow.... ;-) We are now waiting for dinner and price giving for day one. there are two separate events. One today and one tomorrow. No throw out and no finals. But the rules of F3J apply though we use winches. I think I am at the podium but lost 23 seconds in round two I think. We will see. 5 rounds were flown and we had a break for soup and to heat up our bodies a bit. Good clothes are a key here, yet with good clothes and a small trip to the turnaround will make you too hot again. The friends I have in this event are worth every hour in the car. They are all smiling and all are keen to know about each other. The other Norwegian team members are a bit "rusty" I think. They sometimes fly well but sadly today was not the day. It might have something with drinking yesterday (Aril and Rune) and Geir could not sleep because of heavy snooring (Aril and Rune again...). He ended up in the living room. I woke up a few times but finally fell to sleep after a trip out... More updates later (maybe).


Only four of the flights because there were some bugs...

DAY .. 3.February 2006 - Winter F3J Denmark - Day 1
- After 700km and one ferry we (me, Aril from Tromsų, Geir and Rune from Porsgrunn) arrived in Aabenraa southern Denmark. It was late night and with 3 of 4 people snoring I got up early for a coffe and some good breakfast at a youth hostel that was great. Foggy conditions but a few celcius at the field but we flew a lot just zooming of at 100m and braking of at 120m... Lots of small thermals so most of the pilots could fly long flights. I think it is 25 competitors this year and from 5 different countries. Geir started the day with repairs since he had not flown or maybe done anything useful in months???? (have to kid him a bit).

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