Nordic Championship F3J 2013
Finals - Team - Preliminary results

Nordic Championship F3J is set up every second year and the first one was in 1995. A good tradition that gives us the opportunity to learn from each other and enjoy good food as well as hard competition in the Nordic flying conditions that is always interresting. This year 20 pilots in 6 teams competed for the crystal trophy. Denmark was host and as always they prepare a relaxing competition yet aim for lots of rounds.

Some arrived Wedensday for early practice flights as this was a new area only the Danish guys had used before. Huge flying area with some tree lines that we thought could give us some slope effect but it was not that easy. In Denmark the winds easily gets strong as it is a flat country with few obsticles. Some waves could be found and the thermals pass us fast. All kinds of models could have been used but they needed to be able to move around either because they were fast or could be ballasted. The typical F3B models can have an advantige of launching high and could move around a lot but the new F3J models start to cope with the launches and strength needed for heavy ballast.

Friday we were to start at 13:00 but got ready a bit earlier and got in 5 rounds before dinner. Conditions looked to be easy with slope / wave flying but it was never consistant so when we thought we had it figured out it was all wrong the next flight.

Stig med siste landing på første dag

Saturday we got up for early breakfast but did not start flying super early. First launch was round 10:00 and by 18:00 we had 11 rounds total including a long lunch. We used 5min preperation time and a MP3 player on repeat all day. We had one reflight and stopped a few minutes for line changing when needed (we use winches and move spots beetween each day but the rest is F3J rules). Nice weather all day and only a few minutes of sprinkle from the sky.

Sunday the forecast showed some heavy rain and high winds so we started a little earlier for 2 more preliminary rounds and 3 finals. Wind was blistering at times and heavy rain but only for minutes before we could fly again. Heavy ballast was the trick for the finals and very thick lines on the winches. First final and 1,5mm broke of like it was nothing. All took relaunches after 2-5min of flying and taking that earlier than the others was important. Some used so much ballast that the AUW was 3,8kg (Jojo) but it could be done just hovering with less ballast (Aril with AUW 2,5kg). 2nd final and the wind came a bit down but still strong. Turblent at low level but passing thermals made it exiting when two pilots nearly got away with a thermal in the landing zone. 3rd final and the winds came down under 10m/s and the thermals was possible to follow further downwind. The two Danish pilots with F3B planes took the chance and went skyhigh and came home with almost full time securing the podium for them. Jo Grini had flown the most consistant high times in the finals and thereby securing the win.
Norway won the team gold medal and the Norway 2 team took silver with Sweden 1 in bronze place. Fredrik Grini got to be best junior.

3.Søren Krogh DEN - 1.Jo Grini NOR - 2.Jan Hansen DEN

Gold Team medal Norway 1: Jo Grini, Fredrik Grini (J.), Aril Røsvik
The queen of the kitchen and Contest Director - Best Junior Fredrik Grini

Er ferskvann i Danmark og fant en Nordmann ut...

Model in one piece after drying

Left: Model not okay... Right: Charging wires...

Field from the turnaround

Norway Team 2

Kenneth Thommesen flying face and "watch out - modelsailplaneflying"

Any room for us in here?

Briefing on field

Repairing after windy landings

Norway Team 2. Tom Ahlbom, Stig Magne Olsen, Kenneth Thommesen - 2013