European Championship F3J 2013, Turkey

Team Norway for EC F3J 2013 in Turkey:
Per Pedersen, Stig Magne Olsen and Stein Marius Pedersen
All have been to EC and/or WC F3J before
Their updates can be found on Facebook F3J Norway

Official site HERE
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European Championship now over! Congratulations to all medal winners and others that we can see did had a hard week!!

European Champion senior: Philip Kolb
European Champion junior: Max Finke
European Champion Team senior: Turkey Kolb, Esibatir, Koc
European Champion Team junior: Germany Finke,Schweiger,Parsch

Detailed results Seniors HERE - Juniors HERE
Collection of models used by collected by France HERE

1st Philip Kolb, TUR, Prestige
2nd Jiři Ducháň CZE , Pike Perfection
3rd Juraj Adámek SVK , Stork
4th Martin Rajšner CZE, PIKE Perfection
5th Filippo Gallizia ITA, PIKE Perfection
6th Jaroslav Vostřel CZE, PIKE Perfection
2nd Thomas Mertens BEL, PIKE Perfection
senior teams
1st Turkey Kolb, Esibatir, Koc - all flying with Prestige
2nd Czech team Vostřel, Rajšner, Ducháň - all flying with Pike Perfection
3rd team Slovakia Adáme - Stork, Littva Ján and Littva Ján senior both flying with PIKE Perfection

Team junior podium. 2.Italy 1.Germany 3.Russia

Junior induvidual podium. 2.Thomas Mertens,BEL 1.Max Finke,GER 3.Oliver Gaertner,ITA

Team senior podium. 2.Czech Republic 1.Turkey 3.Slovakia

Senior Induvidual. 2.Jiri Duchan,CZE 1.Philip Kolb,TUR 3.Juraj Adamek,SVK

Flyoff nasen Germany

Max Finke, GER

Flyoff starting..