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Subject: WCs Gossip

My best wishes and hope you enjoy the Gossip.   Sydney

From: Tomas Bartovsky <Tomas.Bartovsky(at)vscht.cz>Date: 6 September 2010 13:18:47 GMT+01:00To: "'Sydney Lenssen'" <Sydney.lenssen(at)virgin.net>Subject: RE: WCs Gossip

Dear Sydney,Thank you very much for the Gossip. You hit the point and I would sign everyword in your text.
Best regardsTomas

Dear Tomas

Thanks you for your message yesterday, brief as usual, but it heartens me to know that you agree with what I have written. I also think that it would encourage more F3J pilots to write to you with any ideas they have for improving the rules so that the sport remain appealing to many thermal enthusiasts if you would allow me to publish your reply.

"When I sent a copy of the latest Gossip column on the 2010 F3J world championships to Tomas Bartovsky who chairs CIAM's RC-soaring sub-committee which has responsibility for the rules of all FAI classes dealing with silent flight, he replied with the e-mail above. I hope that his comment encourages everybody interested in the future of F3J to write to Tomas with any suggestions on how to improve the rules so that the class continues to attract large numbers of pilots."


Tomas Bartovsky and Raymond Pavan, two of the jury at the 2010 F3J world championships in Dole-Tavaux last month.

They would welcome any feedback on how the F3J rules might be modified to encourage more pilots to participate.

My best wishes   Sydney

From: Tomas Bartovsky <Tomas.Bartovsky@vscht.cz>
Date: 7 September 2010 13:37:11 BST
To: "'Sydney Lenssen'" <sydney.lenssen@virgin.net>
Subject: RE: WCs Gossip - second message

Dear Sydney,
You have my permission and full support.