Who is Roo ?

Roo is the mascot of the Aussie's and is always travelling on his own beetween championships.
We have been tracking him since he appeared at the worlds in Canada (he came from USA)
The last day of the worlds he was again gone!!!!
He was a brief moment in the Norwegian hands but was snatched out of our hands...

August 2013
Roo Joey is buying his air tickets today. Where is he going?

Roo has once more escaped captivity from his oppressors, and is enjoying himself on tour in Europe..





March 2012
Roo spotted in F3B event Milang. poor Roo have to watch speed flying and people eating kangaroo....

Australian F3B World Cup. Ready for round 4 duration

Roo scoring at Milang f3b

Can't believe that Jeroen is eating kangaroo in front of Roo & Joey!

January 2011
Seen and heard. Will Roo make it to the F3J at Milang or to the JR Aerotow? Has he been seen since the F3J WC in France?

7.august 2010 - Roo on the podium again!!

23rd july - Roo reunited with the team
He was caught drinking again... More on Australian team Facebook HERE

5.july 2010 - The Aussie's released some pictures on Facebook

22.june 2010 - Aussie's says Roo is:
 currently in training located in a "Top Secret" underground German facility...
Australian team Facebook HERE

4.july 2008 - Roo sighting at the WC F3J 2008, Turkey again
Guess we got some photos coming. I think he is still alive and kicking!

At the WC F3J in Turkey so many planes were lost that Roo was out scouting for them

27.june 2008 - Roo sighting at the WC F3J 2008, Turkey
It has been a long time no see for Roo but he appeared and finally got to meet his friends from around the world. Snatched by the Norwegians and then the ?? we will see if we get some info

3.September 2006 - Roo sighting
Roo was seen during a "training"session in Münster while Nina, Thomas and Roo visited Dieter Perlick. Think Roo also was seen changing hands at Hollandglide... He had been seen around Utz after the WC ceremony but Roo have not said anything about this. Seems like Roo ate icecream? Is he building up new fat reserves for the winter?

4.august 2006 - WC F3J in Martin, Slovakia
Roo had been lurking around the campsite for a long time but had been avoiding the Australians. He thought that they might have been angry since he had been so much on the loose.. But he was greated back by David Hobby that needed a bit of luck on the podium. Roo have now got a passport of the South Africans and was helped by the Danish to fill it out and attach it. Roo was supposed to be in Switzerland and Denmark but a German snatched him. He might appear at Hollandglide... or maybe Turkey?

6.June 2006
Roo was sighted kidnapped by a little friend...


1.April 2006
For a while I thought I was seeing visions but then I realized that Roo likes Turkey...
He was spotted outside the Hotel

1.March 2006
This boy must be travelling. Looks like he is having fun with a Michael guy that I think lives in Czech Republic.... It even looks like he is flying!!!


1.October 2005:
Roo was in Turkey and met up with World Champion - Aussie David Hobby. David was delighted to see Roo again but did not see him much. Roo was seen watching the time and then dissapeared from the world a brief moment to be seen in the hands of UK Sydney Lenson. A day later Sydney says Roo was snatched again and was not seen for the rest of the event. But there might be a chance to see pictures of his travels later this year.

3.September 2005:
Roo was found inside a caravan thursty and lonely. He had been to the worlds F3B in Finland and gone thru Sweden without no food. He got some drinks and a new friend in a "no named" drinking ex-pilot. Roo dissapeared though before nightfall and nobody knows were he will appear next. Atleast he had a feel for the Nordic Championship in F3J and heard all three National anthems before he left.

13.July 2005:
Roo was sited buying tickets to the worlds in F3B... Will he go for multiple disipline gold medal?
Or is he trying to be a "Satama" "Viking" (see pictures)

February 2005:
OK we can reveal that Roo is taking care of the new pilot in South Africa. Mathew is a product of the well known pilots Craig and Michelle Goodrum. They "took" Roo at last WC and travelled back to South Africa. But I think Roo is on the move again. Mathew dont need him all the time anymore and was a serious contender for parent hugs. So he felt like taking a walkabout!
Here is the last time we knew were he was:

Emails have again been received. Were is Roo ?
Solution maybe very soon here on this page... Clues will be spread around!
Here is Roo during Christmas!

Earlier places:

Emails have been received and a few clues of what way he took is here:

USA ? Maybe customs or jail ?

I found some fellow friends of mine but they seem to lack the skill of flying. So I headed further..

I have found a good friend. A bit quiet but right size. China ?

Jim and Capt'n Jack in Denver 2003, Photo Jim Bacus

The beginning!
The fun that happened around Roo and Joey when they were originally
abducted by the Canadian Team at the F3J WC in Corfu in July 2000.

The first photo was 'posted' on the score board, and this
led to the interchange that followed.

The piece of tape used by the Canadians to put up the photo
was matched by us to the tape on Arend Boorst's model box.
We arranged a diversionary tactic to get this tape from the
model box so that we could use it as evidence.
The diversion was for Carl to be 'towed' by Bjorn Rudgley
in front of all the tents.
Carl had a fuse down his back, held wing tip panels in each
hand, and I think had a nose cone over his nose.