The never ending story about the Tree Elephant from Michelle

Hi all

Thought some of you would like to know that FFE's (Finish Forrest Elephants) migrate to warmer environments during the European winter and are known locally as SAFE's (South African Forrest Elephants).  They however seem to have a milder temprament when in the Southern hemisphere causing little or no damage to aircraft after capturing them.  The brave pilot (Craig - naturally as the FFE's and SAFE's seem to like his planes ALOT!) climbed up and wrestled the plane from their grips and we now propose a new technique of hand launching F3B and F3J ships in a class called F3T (tree).

Those of you who are confused, refer to Norway's web page of the F3J WC in Finland for further pictures of what the FFE's might look like.
( red.: At day 8 of THIS PAGE. See also Murdoogs flying machines )

Beware of local strains of Forrest Elephants in your area!!

 Cheers Michelle


National Team F3J 2002 presents:

Ever seen a f3B-launch from the plane ? Here are a small video well worth the download 
(13,5mb .AVI)

A cool DS-video (1mb) from "Hystar film productions" in Hanstholm, Denmark. You will need Quick-time from Apple. på mobilen ? send kommando:
rclogo f3jno
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